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3D modeling, CNC machining and extrusion molding

I am looking for a student who is interested in learning 3D modeling, CNC machining and extrusion molding. My lab has a very nice CNC machine, Tormach 440 (see here https://www.tormach.com/pcnc-440/). I plan to utilize this CNC machine to make plastic enclosures for the small wearable sensors. First, 3D models of enclosures and molds to make these enclosures need to be designed in Fusion 360 software. Then the molds need to be machined out of wax and tested. When the molds are fully tested, we will need to machine them from aluminum. The machined molds then will be used with a plastic extrusion machine to make enclosures. This is a rather involved project but a fun learning experience for anyone interested in advanced manufacturing....

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