Microcontroller based sensors

Required Availability
The End of Time
Course Credit?
Yes - Research Scholars
Paid Position?
Yes - $10/hr

There are multiple projects that deal with interfacing of sensors to microcontrollers (MSP430, STM32). Skills in hardware and software interfacing are needed. These skills may include: microcontroller programming, PCB design, 3D design, sensor prototyping, smartphone programming, etc. Some of the projects may be taken for class credit in the research scholars program, some are paid positions. The paid positions typically are on time cards, but do not pay for time, but rather for the final result. Previous projects like this resulted in students writing papers and presenting them at various conferences. One project took the second place at student paper competition at IEEE Southeastcon, another took 3rd place (and a $5000 award) at TI Innovation contest.

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