Consent, Alcohol and Sexual Assault (CASA) Lab

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Sexual violence is a pervasive problem for young people and our understanding of factors that increase the risk for sexual violence to occur or impede our efforts to prevent sexual violence is not well-understood. Within our lab, projects focus on three main areas: 1) understanding how alcohol use impacts people's ability to communicate about the sex they do or do not want, 2) how alcohol use impacts people's ability to intervene when they witness risky sexual experiences, and 3) how alcohol use increases the risk for sexual violence to occur. Across these studies, we also examine how these factors may look similar and different among cisgender women and men, and sexual and gender minority persons. If these topics interest you, students in the lab can assist with data cleaning, analysis, and presentation or write up of research findings related to these areas. Some examples of activities students may do is: coding open-ended responses from participants, listening and reviewing transcripts from interviews about alcohol and sexuality, or assisting with new data collections, such as putting surveys together, helping with literature reviews, and the IRB process. Students can present findings on studies conducted in the lab at the research conference hosted at University of Alabama; they can also present findings at national conferences such as the Research Society on Alcoholism, the American Public Health Association, or the Society for Scientific Study of Sexuality. Additionally, as the lab continues to grow, we will meet as a group and review articles relevant to projects in the lab, host meetings focused on career development, and practice presentation skills.

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If interested, please email me a copy of your resume or CV and what topics within the area of sexuality appeal to you. I look forward to chatting with you!

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