Language processing and speech perception in adults with and without brain damage: Eye-tracking and ERP studies

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Spring 2023 | Fall 2022
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Yes - CD 350
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We are looking for MOTIVATED, CURIOUS STUDENTS in psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, communicative disorders, and related fields. The NeuLanD (Neuroscience in Language and Disorders) Lab is the best place to learn how to use eye-tracking and EEG (encephalography) methods to study language and speech and to learn more about neurogenic disorders of language. You will get involved in cutting-edge research and you will gain a variety of skills from learning how to do hearing screenings and diagnosing hearing loss to conducting neuropsychological assessments and setting up behavioral experiments. Opportunities to work with people with aphasia and other neurogenic disorders are also available.

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Please attach your CV and a short paragraph about your general interests and what you wish to accomplish in this position.

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